Relationships between shoes and human personality; new shoes and anxiety

Relationships between shoes and human personality; new shoes and anxiety

 Psychologists at the University of Kansas have come to the conclusion that the style, value, color and condition of the new leather shoes can convey an imagination of emotions, anxiety, political and human personality.

Those psychologists by conducting some researches, have said that they can comment on about human personality and anxiety by looking at their new leather shoes.

Relationships between shoes and human personality; new shoes and anxiety

In experiments, observers observe a pair of shoes through which they were able to guess the personality like open a secret.

63 students looked at images of 208 pairs of leather shoes belonging to the volunteers of this experiment.

Each of the volunteers had already completed a personality questionnaire, and each of them was asked to submit his/her most common leather shoes on the test

According to this study published in the Journal of Personality Research, observers were urged to look at shoes at each pair of shows, to guess the gender, age and social status of the individual.

Guessing of these features included the introverted or outsourcing of the shoes owner, and they were also asked to guess whether the shoe owners were liberal or conservative, emotional, stable, adaptive, and ambitious.

The group has reported that the leather shoes state delicate but useful information about their owner.

Shoes are nonverbal clues about person’s personality and transmit symbolic messages.

The leather shoes have a variety of material, style, function, appearance and variety of brands, but is it because of the variety that we can express different information about people?

The researchers  have responded positively to this question and stated that some of the clues that shoes show about its owner are very clear.

For example, new and expensive shoes show the owner’s income status, and shiny and colorful shoes belong to extrovert people.

Shoes that may not be new, but clean and intake show belong to conscientious and responsible human personality.

Some clues are less obvious, for example, the operative new leather shoes belong to adaptive people.

The most accurate estimates are the age, gender, and income level, followed by the category of emotional and adaptive stability.

According to the Boston Globe’s report, emotional stability are important in psychologists’ point of view because it includes being alone, rejection, and the ability to deal with different types of relationships.

Those who have anxiety and concern about their relationships are wearing leather shoes and Perhaps it’s about their concern about their appearance and how others think about them.