In the leather industry, creativity comes first

In the leather industry, creativity comes first

There may be a small number of people who do not carry their wallets with them when they leave home. Of course, I think most of them forget that they do not feel the need for it. These bags, which were once marketed only for a limited time to store banknotes, have now taken on a different color with the development of the leather industry and the use of a combination of machine and human; Bags made of different leather models and designs, which are beautiful both in design and sewing, and using localized patterns, now stand out a head and neck higher than other foreign brands in the pockets of people and their buyers.

Dalir Leather Industries with more than half a century of experience is trying to become more skilled in creativity. Not only will this create a high level of motivation and commitment in the staff, but they will also be ready to receive new training and have a high degree of flexibility, which will have a significant impact on the implementation of our cellular work system.

Mr. Kasra Hassanzadeh Dalir, a young and educated director of Dalir Leather Industries, after graduating, started working in his father’s production. Having a university degree in industrial engineering, he says he is interested in the industrialization of the products of the Dalir Leather Industries workshop. But Mr. Hassanzadeh Dalir, at the same time believes that the combination of traditional work and the use of new industrial tools will enable them to offer more quality and diverse products, more power to choose customers. “R & D” unit (research and development), establishment of quality management systems, resource planning (ERP) and management information system (MIS) are among the measures taken in the workshop of Dalir Leather Industries to improve product quality and customer satisfaction.

Explaining the working method in the workshop, the Commercial and Sales Manager of “Dalir Leather Industries” said: “We realized that this industry suffers from a shortage of masters and we will be in trouble in this regard.” In fact, we turned this threat into an opportunity, and after recruiting young people, we trained them according to our needs and level of work.

After 5 months of training, each staff member becomes a skilled master. This will not only create a high level of motivation and commitment in the staff, but they will also be ready to receive new training and have a high degree of flexibility, which will have a great impact on the implementation of our work system. In fact, our work system is to minimize the distance of managers from the production line.

He emphasizes that the father, who relies on the strength and expertise of his young son and the sparkle in his eyes shows the worthiness and efficiency of his son, is encouraged by the knowledge, experience and skills he gives to the new generation with an open chest. He announced the plans of the day with new colors and formulas and the expansion of a factory with an area of ​​1300 square meters, in addition to the previous production hall and increasing the number of staff by the end of the year.

Dalir Leather Industries, with the use of new devices and designs, are now a head and neck above other foreign brands in the eyes of the people and buyers. Mr. Kasra Hassanzadeh Dalir, after completing his university studies in the field of industrial engineering, has been engaged in the production of various types of leather since 1392. He inherited the God-given talent of designing and producing all kinds of leather from his father. It is also interesting to know that from the first day he entered the leather industry until today, he has made all the works he has offered to the market based on his own taste, creativity and skill, and even proudly announces that 4% of leather products The brands that he launches in the market are the designs that he gave his idea.

He says: “Some time ago, I went to the standard organization to find out about the standards for making different types of leather in Iran, but unfortunately no standard has been registered in this regard, and they asked us to help them with the help of a professor, based on our knowledge of international standards.” Yousefzadeh, let’s define these standards.

Mr. Kasra Hassanzadeh Dalir, while implicitly criticizing the lack of proper support for activists in this field, believes that even the world’s largest brands have nothing to say about Iran’s work and the reason why we have not been able to introduce ourselves to global markets is the lack of proper support.

During its activity, Dalir Leather Industries, with more than half a century of experience, has been able to market leathers and designs in line with the national and indigenous culture of our country, using the tools of the day, with the permission of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade. Slowly

Mr. Hassanzadeh Dalir owes most of the success in his productions to his 57-year-old father’s expertise and efforts and says: And pay more attention to the issue of specialized training of employees.

Attitudes are also different when it comes to manpower. The forces working in the production of Dalir Leather Industries with an average age of 27 years are all young and powerful forces that are of great value to us and we try to create personal satisfaction for these personnel, because personnel satisfaction leads to greater productivity and Their work will get better.

Mr. Kasra Hassanzadeh Dalir says: “We have defined fixed monthly salaries and benefits for our staff so that employees can work in production calmly and without worries.”

Taken from one of the interviews of Kasra Hassanzadeh Dalir (Eng.)

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