Poor quality foam success natural leather

Inadequate synthetic leather (foam) is a factor in the success of natural leather

natural leather : The production and distribution of low-quality leather products has increased in recent years, especially during the recession. So, we had a detailed interview with Mr. Seyedi, a veteran distributor of leather bags and shoes. Mr. Seyedi believes that in the future, buyers will be more inclined towards natural leather products,  market and have had a negative effect on high-quality synthetic bags and shoes. The details of this interview are given below.

Inadequate synthetic leather (foam) is a factor in the success of natural leather

Since when do you operate in the leather bag and shoes market?

I was born in 1985. I’m talking about the early 70’s. I have been working in Sepahsalar Garden since I was a teenager. At first, I was a worker. I went to school in the mornings and worked in the workers’ garden until late in the afternoon. Little by little, I entered the production space. At first it was simple pre-work and activities, but then I started working in the parts department. After that, I went into banking.

How do you see the market situation of natural leather, bags and shoes these days?

The market situation is not satisfactory, and we must act smartly and cautiously. It should be sold in proportion to the background and financial ability of customers. Unfortunately, many customers in this current market are not able to repay the high volume of goods.

Of course, the current market conditions are the result of the economic recession of recent years, which has caused customers to buy raw materials and fears due to the unpredictability of the market. Unfortunately, with the increase in the price of raw materials and production and sales costs last year, we had a 10 to 13 percent increase in the price of leather products. This is while the purchasing power of customers has decreased compared to last year.

Is synthetic leather more popular in the market now or natural leather?

With the current situation, customers tend to buy cheap goods of grade 2, 3 and synthetic leather. Unfortunately, the market is full of poor-quality goods. When you touch this leather, you realize that it is skin and sheets, not leather! It is strange that sellers sell these products under the name of leather, and unfortunately, due to the lack of consumer awareness, they also sell well.

Natural leather also has different types and grades. Some of the remaining factories of the Dalir leather industry use high quality materials suitable to produce leather, so the leather is obtained with excellent quality. But some factories produce low quality leather using substandard raw materials.

Low quality products are on the market these days. This type of leather stains and dandruffs. Interestingly, despite the lower price of this leather than first-class leather, the products produced are sold at a price close to high quality products, which of course is due to the low consumer awareness in distinguishing quality products. Some of these products are not even natural leather.

natural leather

How long will the sale of synthetic leather continue and what will happen to natural leather?

Due to the increase in the price of foreign currency and the import of foam (synthetic leather), the price of foam has gone up a lot and it is no longer worth making bags and shoes with foam (synthetic leather). As long as there is no price balance in the market and there is no stability, the customer tends to buy a cheaper product. This situation is not specific to the current situation, and of course, over time, customers will find the value of leather by consuming cheap and low-quality products. Certainly, in the coming years, customers will be more inclined to buy high quality leather products.

In addition, sewing delicacy is one of the important issues that should be considered in the evaluation of leather products. It is so important to pay attention to the finesse of the sewing and the order of the stitched and sewn places, that if there is an inconsistency between the stitches and the location of the knots, the product will look bad and will lose its value.

So, the more precise and regular the leather stitching of a leather work, the more valuable that leather product is. Which is usually found in products made of natural leather, sewing elegance and order and longevity. Combining natural leather products with other arts under certain conditions can be an initiative and increase the value of the work.

In combining leather products, it should be noted that the arts and crafts that are combined with leather products are as durable as leather and are compatible with leather products in terms of material and quality. Sometimes this combination causes the life of using a leather product. Decrease or increase. This also affects the price of leather goods, all of which are intended to increase or decrease the value of leather products.



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