Making a leather mask with a design

Learning to make a leather mask with a design

This leather mask for the face is very essential these days. This face protector is the best protection against coronavirus. This leather mask with 6 front holes is produced in a simple design and also has the necessary space to put the air filter inside. You can also use this mask on an n95 face mask. In addition, you can use the straps you want to wear the mask. Here we use chrome brown leather so that we can disinfect it and then sew the parts of the mask with waxed thread.

This leather mask is very stylish and in line with the latest fashion. The sleek and efficient design of this breathing mask has made this product suitable for all ages and different environments. This mask is very light and soft, hence it has become a popular mask.

The new corona virus is highly contagious, so it is important to take precautions to prevent it. The use of leather masks is one of the main ways to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Thanks to the country’s advanced technology in the field of leather industry, the production of leather masks has begun in Iran.

Due to Iran’s brilliant history and reputation in the field of leather industry technologies and with the outbreak of Corona virus in the world, many countries have been looking to store masks. Thus, the demand for leather masks has increased significantly.

The anti-allergy leather mask is completely handmade and is produced in different colors. The advantage of this mask compared to other masks on the market is that it is not disposable. You can also use a tissue as a filter in this mask and after each use of the mask, change your tissue and disinfect the mask with alcohol. This way you can use this mask for a long time.

In addition, by making this mask once, you will also save on the cost of purchasing disposable masks. Because this mask is produced taking into account the needs of the society and its consumer price with the minimum manufacturing price. Also, major orders are accepted for the production of this product.

You can also use the following link to download the mask design:

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