Learn to build leather Flower pot

Learn to build leather Flower pot

Leather Flower pot is the most beautiful thing that can make your home decoration more stylish than any decorations you’ve ever seen.
Do not miss this tutorial.

The tool for making leather Flower pot:
Leather to the required amount
Carbon paper for painting
Piercing machine
Razor and pencil

method :
Draw the top pattern onto a carbon paper and paste it onto the leather

Moisten your wet skin with a wet sponge. Repeat this three times, with this effortless design printed on the leather.

Fill with pencil on the pattern to leave the pencil effect on the leather and move the pattern to the leather.

Take the pattern around your skin round the round.

Sharpen the lines as shown.

Shuffle the fingers between the lines you’ve blurred.

Give it the size of the leather.

Hole the upper part of the Flower pot so you can pass it.

Get slim leather straps and knit holes. This way you can hang your Flower pot from the ceiling.

Leather Flower pot is ready for leather …. Enjoy its beauty.