Complications of using foam products (synthetic leather)

Complications of using foam products (synthetic leather)

After the stone and the skin, genuine leather can be considered as the oldest thing that human have had. Since a long time ago, leather has been as the cover for early humans and even, today it is so. Leather is still popular among many global communities. But why should not we use foam products ( synthetic leather )?


Years before the creation of the fashion industry, genuine leather was used to make clothes and accessories, This matter is seen in all ages and all cultures, Complications of using foam products (synthetic leather)
This product protects the human body as well as the various items. In addition, leather is a comfortable and durable material.
Today, a variety of leather is available to human. Many people spend their time producing leather goods. No product is comparable with handmade leather good.
Complications of using foam products (synthetic leather)
Now we consider the question which says why we should not use foam products (synthetic leather) and then we discuss the complications of using this product.
The foam does not have any breathing properties for our skin.
It does not smell like genuine leather (due to the use of chemicals and complete synthetic materials in foam)
Foam is not durable like natural leather (leather has a very high rigidity, so that it can be used for towing a car)
It can not be used as a dress for a long time, because wearing it directly, is harmful to the skin.
Compare with a leather coat, foam is not a good insulation against cold.
After a while it will be rotted and easily damaged (leather has a very long life, so that a natural leather bag can be used for many years, as well as along with firmness, longevity and credibility and attractiveness, leather bags can make humans more esteemed.
The appearance of the foam is very unnatural and artificial.
Complications of using foam products (synthetic leather)
Wearing foam products (synthetic leather) is not healthy for a long time, especially in the hot seasons, wearing foam-made shoes is harmful to the skin because of its unhealthy materials and it leads to skin problems.
Its softness cannot be like sheepskin leather.
Its shininess is not as much as leather, (such as Burnish leather).
It cannot have the natural beauty of leather.
Foam has very limited elastic properties.
Wearing products made of foam (synthetic leather) is not as comfortable as genuine leather.
In the hot seasons, wearing shoes made of foam (synthetic leather) is harmful to the skin of feet because of the possibility of harmful substances causing skin problems.
But the main question here is why should we really use leather (genuine leather)?
Firstly, leather is a kind of natural fiber completely.
As you sweat with your skin, animals also sweat, so it can be concluded that leather has very good ventilation, especially in the shoes, and also absorbs transpiration. You can use leather in different thicknesses and for various applications. You can have a very soft wallet of goat or a firm and rugged of cow.
Although cowhide can be thin and soft like skin of goat, meanwhile the leather is also used as a luxury and precious item that you can buy in a variety of different sets.
The leather has a very high rigidity so that it can be used for towing a car. The leather is resistant to direct fire heat and it does not inflame. Leather has a very long life, so that a leather bag can be used for many years. Also, along with firmness, longevity and credibility and attractiveness, leather bags can make humans more esteemed.
Today, a variety of leather is available to humans. Many people spend their time for making leather goods. No product can be comparable with handmade leather good.
Features of a comfortable and suitable genuine leather shoes

Features of a comfortable and suitable genuine leather shoes

Genuine leather shoes apart from beauty should be durable and comfortable for foot.

 The most important task of genuine leather shoes is to protect the feet and prevent damage, but unfortunately many shoes damage feet.

Inappropriate leather shoes are one of the most important causes of many feet problems and can cause diseases such as deformity of the toe, deviation or abrasion of the big toe, spile, hammer toe, and nail dipped in the toe in healthy people.

Features of a comfortable and suitable genuine leather shoes

Choosing the right leather shoes

Leather shoes are the most important garment that many people spend money to buy annually.

The human foot is the second heart of the body and, of course, the shoe as the protector of the second heart of the body, should take sufficient care of foot against dangers and possible injuries.

But if the leather shoe is not fit, and after walking you feel pain in your heel, ankle or tendon or they damage, choosing the right shoe can stop all of this.

Standard leather shoes:

A standard leather shoes has three distinctive features.

* Standard shoes should have good material.

* The heel of the standard shoes is very important.

* The mold and its toe claw should be standard

Shoe components:

The best surface for shoes is the same genuine leather.

Shoes surface; the surface of most shoes in market are of two different materials.

They either have genuine surface leather, or are made of plastic. Recently, some of manufacturers are spraying genuine leather odor to plastic and make the customer confused in realizing real leather.

Genuine leather, due to the natural pores in its tissue, provides the possibility of exchanging air between the outside and the inside of the leather shoes, and makes so-called, breathing the feet.

For that reason, the best surface for shoes is leather surface. The synthetic surface, due to lack of exchange of air, causes bad smell and excessive sweating.

Shoe sole: Often the shoe sole in the market are two types.

1. Po shoe sole is more comfortable and lighter than PVC and resistance against corrosion. The appearance of this shoe sole is solid and more flexible in bending.

When you are buying shoes, you should consider that the shoe sole should not be flat but should be granulated to prevent slipping.
It is very important to pay attention to the toecap of the shoes.

Leather shoes formatting:

In terms of formatting, the space for the toecap of the shoes should be such that it does not wrest the fingers.

The shoes which ha narrow toecap make the fingers to overlap in shoes. These shoes, squeeze the fingers and make them deform.

This is more common in women. The deformity of the big toe in women is 9 times higher than that of men.

Features of a comfortable and suitable genuine leather shoes
Bottom of the leather shoes

Wearing bad, tight, and high heels shoes does not only damage the feet, it also damages the knee, back, bones of the spine and pelvis.

The next item is the shoe body that is actually a framework on the shoe that surrounds the foot; the shoe should be resistant easily against pressure and keep the anatomical condition of the foot.

In addition to standard factors related to the shoe construction factors, there are also other factors related to individuals who are equally important.

Sole form:

The soles of the feet are usually seen in 3 shapes.

High arch foot:
If a narrow strip connect talon and heel, you probably have high arch foot and are therefore prone to torsion when walking.

Always look for a shoe that has an appropriate sole to cover your foot arch or use the right insole for your foot.

Normal sole foot:
If the strip that joins talon and heel has a normal width, the sole of your foot can be normal, which means that your foot does not have the ability to torsion inwards or outwards.

A good and ordinary shoe is the perfect choice for you.

Flat sole feet:
In this type of foot, the foot has a very little arch and heel often is under intense pressure. These people usually experience internal torsion when walking. So choose a shoe that will protect your big toe well and do not put pressure on your foot.

Risk of high heel shoes:

Sometimes ladies, wearing a high-heeled shoes, are so pleased with the false and temporary being tall that they forget these shoes can be harmful to their health.

meanwhile wearing inappropriate, tight, and high heels shoes does not only damage the foot, it also damages the knee, back, bones of the spine and pelvis.

When you wear high-heeled shoes, your back will take a lot of arches to offset the pressure exerted on the feet and it will be out of normal form.

In this case, there is a lot of pressure on the vertebral discs of the spine and knee joint.

The amount of this pressure depends on the height of the heel of the shoe, and the heel of the shoes is taller, the greater the pressure on the muscles, bones and joints

Compared to short-heel shoes, a heel shoe about 5.2 cm, 22%, a heel shoe about 5 cm, 57%, and a heel shoe about 8 cm, 76% put pressure for intervertebral discs and Knees more pressure.

High-heeled shoes shrink and contract the muscles behind the legs and disturb the blood flow in these muscles. Also, tight shoes and high heels deform the skin of leg and and after a while make it thicker and creates a callus. Callus is often painful and change the leg in a bad shape.

Guide for buying shoes

But what points we should consider when buying shoes, we are going to review them here.

1 .The material of the genuine leather shoes which causes the human foot less sweat.

For those who love the quality of shoes, genuine leather shoes are the perfect choice.

The best material that can be produced from that shoe is the leather. Leather shoes make the human foot less sweat. It is more durable and very shiny and beautiful with waxing. As a result, the first choice is a leather shoes.

But genuine leather shoes have high price, not suitable for all jobs, and it’s just better to use leather shoes for formal programs and parties.

To overcome this problem, it is better to use several models of shoes with other materials. The worst shoes are plastic shoes.

This is not specific to sports shoes. Sports shoes are also made of plastic.

But non-leather shoes, which tend to have a leather look, are made of plastic. The biggest damage for foot is the use of plastic shoes

Linen and fabric shoes are the best option to wear. Their weight is lower and they do not bother the body and feet when walking and doing similar things


High-heeled shoes make the foot more apt to screw. Back and foot pain are heavily dependent on the heel.

The high heel makes the foot more apt to screw.

It may not happen to you at a simple party, but after a short time, high-heeled shoes will cause back pain, foot pain, and waist deviation.

Big toe deformity, and bulging of the bone. The toes slowly overlap on each other and the foot shape change slightly.

The heel of the shoes should have a heel of less than a centimeter. In this case, the foot will be symmetrical and balanced.

The lower the pressure on the front fingers to keep the balance, and it makes the back less effort to stay steady and stand up.

To test this, it’s best to walk a little on your toes. After some time, severe pain in the fingers and chest is felt, which will be reduced after pushing the heel on the ground. High heeled apply such pressure on the foot

legging shoes:

Baby shoes:
It’s better for children to use high shank.

Most common shoes in the market are not leggings. Because it will cost more on the the manufacturer, and usually buyers do not pay attention to having legging.

The shoe legging makes the shoe harder to wear and show the bottom of the trousers in a bad shape.

Most legging shoe users use this shoe for great exercise and walking, Because in the fatigue of the foot, it prevents screwing and deviation of the feet Or if they use shoe leggings for formal shoes, they will wear shoes with a skirt or dress not pants.

It’s better for children to use legging show, Because children still need to take care of their legs to walk, they get tired sooner.

So if they use legging shoe, they will get tired later and there is less chance of injury to their small legs.