The spring and summer models of 2020 at three exhibitions of Simac, Tanning Tech and Lineapelle

The spring and summer models of 2020 at three exhibitions of The three exhibitions of Simac and Tanning Tech and Lineapelle were held from the 20th to the 22nd of February last year at the Milan Exhibition Center of Italy, and Dalir leather industry has been present...

Training to make leather wallet

The suitability of the pattern and design of any leather product is wholly personal; the purpose of the Dalir leather industry is to make you once to have a look at from A to Z of training to make a leather wallet and learn the parts that you do not know. So if the...

Nanotechnology in the leather industry by the Iranian researchers

By the Iranian researchers it was done; with nanotechnology, the high resistance of genuine leather against the flame in the production of natural leather Iranian researchers at Amir Kabir University of Technology have succeeded in achieving a project to upgrade...

Economic situation and currency price for the growth of domestic industry of Iran

The economic situation and the currency price of Iran are already as you see, and nothing is resolved by delay or chiding. This situation is a very good platform for some of the industries to grow in this situation and the currency price of Iran. Turkey has sustained...

Complications of using foam products (synthetic leather)

After the stone and the skin, genuine leather can be considered as the oldest thing that human have had. Since a long time ago, leather has been as the cover for early humans and even, today it is so. Leather is still popular among many global communities. But why...

A History of Leather Industry in Iran

Leather Industry in Iran - With a grassland of over 9 million hectares and over 92 head of cattle, sheep, goats and water buffalo, Iran has a an enormous potential for animal husbandry. Leather Industry in Iran - In recent years, the number of livestock has reached a...

From A to Z about skin and leather of ostrich

Soft like feather, firm like skin of camel, from A to Z about ostrich skin and ostrich leather. Ostrich leather which is produced of ostrich skin is one of the most precious products of this animal. The unique beauty, firmness, softness and durability are the...

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How to make leather siding in building decor

How to make leather siding in building decor

It is a fact that today the new materials of the building decoration, such as the siding, have a tremendous effect on the design of interior decoration of each space, and interior designers can create a more beautiful environment, if they access the greater the...

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Leather school of Iran

Leather school of Iran

From the leather school of Iran to: Presidents and members of the Iranian Leather Association In line with the words of the Supreme Leader to support domestic production, Iranian work and employment, we have established a school in Iran called Iran's Leather School...

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