The need to develop leather shoe production technology in Iran

Some time ago, in the meeting of the Resistance Economy Headquarters, which was held with the focus on examining the problems and issues related to the country’s industry in this vast region, it was stated: We are committed to solving the problems and challenges facing this industry.develop leather shoe production in Iran

In this meeting, referring to the problem of supplying raw materials after the rise in the exchange rate as one of the most important challenges facing producers, it was said: The government has provided a legal way to provide the currency needed by activists in this field and Creating more creativity, diversity and innovation in this field of production, we will witness the achievement of more and more success, which will require a positive and constructive role of the private sector.

In this meeting, it was stated: with the completion of the production chain in the leather and shoe industry, the cost price of this product should be accompanied by a further reduction in order to make it more competitive in foreign markets in a more appropriate and desirable way.

An activist in the field of production and distribution in an interview with industry, trade and agriculture reporters, in describing the potential economic potential in this field, said: At first glance, the context and job opportunities of the shoe industry, summarized in the same product In fact, with the development of this industry, other areas such as natural leather, plastics (synthetic foam), polymers, petrochemicals, packaging, molding, textiles, distribution, services and repairs, etc. will flourish and this chain. It needs multiple and latent dimensions in order to create more and more job opportunities in this field.

He added: “Unfortunately, as statistics and media reports show, the rate of increase in smuggled imports into the country has increased since 1980, and more efforts should be made to further reduce this complication.”

He added: “This complication has overshadowed the country’s shoe production scene in a situation where the above field (shoe industry) can play a more appropriate role as the engine and driving force of the country’s economy. In fact, this requires culture building. It is in support of Iranian shoes, which is one of the aspects of supporting Iranian goods and increasing support and assistance of relevant and responsible agencies.”

Mr. Shajari, President of the Iranian Handmade Shoes Union in Tehran, believes that one of the necessities of the country’s shoe industry is the development of natural leather production technology in the country as the main raw material of this product. He also points to Turkey as a successful and constructive example for the innovation of leather equipment and tools and acknowledges that currently the production capacity of leather shoes in our country is only about 30%. Therefore, considering this number and figure (which, of course, is sometimes referred to as 40% by some figures), we clearly realize the fact that if more support and problems in this area, such as The issue of taxes and assets, the price of energy carriers, labor law, insurance and lack of organization of factories and the lack of adequate supervision and control over the production centers of raw materials for this product (according to the president of Tehran Shoemakers Union), can be achieved in this industry.

In the end, the need to increase the export range of Iranian shoes should not be overlooked, and in a situation where most of Iran’s products in this sector are focused on neighboring countries, with professional marketing, targeted advertising and more colorful presence in international exhibitions can play a role. It played more and more constructively in the markets of other countries of the world and even different continents of the world. This is something that requires principled, smart and accurate planning.

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