Leonardo, new software for managing the tanning process

Leonardo is a new software developed by Italprogetti to manage the tanning process. This software is flexible and can enable the simultaneous management of tanning devices.

With more than 20 years of experience in the development of tanning management software, Italprogetti has taken a step forward and has completely rewritten and reconstructed its platform. The company’s first software was introduced in 1998 and did its job well, but there were some limitations that were not user-friendly. The second version of the company’s software was more successful, but the rapid advancement of technology made it a priority to change it.

In 2017, three developers began work on a new Italprogetti project. The primary goal of this project was to design a modular or modular automation system that could meet the multiple needs of a tanner. However, it should be noted that each device is connected to a PLC. A programmable logic controller or PLC is an industrial computer system used in a variety of industrial processes. During leather production, the production management process of this product is completely entrusted to PLC, not to a home computer or servers that are not very efficient in the process of industrial activities. Computers or servers are only used to manage databases, data records, and the like.

When using Italprogetti software, while each device works independently, it is also connected to other devices. The advantage of this is that it does not affect other devices if there is a problem with one device. The connection of the devices allows the automation level of each device to reach the highest possible level and the operators have complete control over the work process. Italprogetti software modules can be divided into two main categories.

One set of modules that control the physical equipment of the system and the second group of software modules that allow monitoring the performance of each component.

The parts of the control equipment are as follows:

Boiler controller: This device is used to manage manual activities as well as to manage the process of performing tanning arrangements.

Water Mixer: It is a system for adding and controlling water

Chemix: It is a system for controlling the amount of chemicals

Chemgo: It is a system for adding and measuring chemicals based on volumetric criteria

Parts related to management and monitoring of the tanning process:

Cronus: It is a server that manages the data history by having a monitoring software.

Chemix M: This software is used to manage the preparation of liquid and powder chemicals, as well as a software and barcode reader.

Data pad: A module for recording data and information that is needed in the tanning process.

Data Pro: Manages data and visualizes it in different sections.

Data Go: Allows you to connect a mobile phone or tablet to the system controller and can be customized in different parts.

SMS Module: This module can send short messages, emails or alert messages related to various parts of the tanning process.

Chemical Storage Management: This part of the software helps manage draining or filling dramas. The main purpose of this module is to better illustrate the status of the drums (filling, discharging and waiting time to refill). This module prevents errors during these activities

Link or Connection: This software connects directly to the main software of the factory and helps to manage the tannery.

Italprogetti software is increasingly used by tanners and is even used in other industries such as the olive oil industry.

Source: World leather and leather Industry magazine

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