(The first step of leather tanning (skin

leather tanning

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After stone and timber, leather can be counted as the oldest companion of human beings. For a long time leather has been a cover for early humans and still is,

leather is still very popular among many worldwide societies

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Leather working or skin tanning

Leather working or skin tanning is a chemical physics process that, due to the physical effects and the effects of chemicals or vegetable matter, can be converted into unbreakable, valuable and usable leather for human being.

Before tanning, you have to make preparations for the removal of excess residues on the skins (such as excess fat, wool, etc.), which includes several steps as follows.
Dry and salt
Hold the skins after separating the body with drying or salting for tanning. This is done by using salt, brine or salt in a salt solution. Drying is also done in the sun or by hot air flow

leather tanning
leather tanning

Remove additions

(As you can see in the picture), an extra piece of skin, such as the ears, tail, poison, and extra flesh, which remains on the skin and does not matter in terms of leather, should be removed from the skin before each operation



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