The suitability of the pattern and design of any leather product is wholly personal; the purpose of the Dalir leather industry is to make you once to have a look at from A to Z of training to make a leather wallet and learn the parts that you do not know.

So if the final model in your opinion is not a beautiful and practical leather wallet, then it can still teach you a lot.

Because there are different and personalized designs in wallets, but sewing almost all parts of it, is the same.

This training is entirely based on the content provided on this site and we hope that the content will be useful for you regarding the time and accuracy spent on this training video by the Dalir Leather Industries team.

Training to make leather wallet

The leather wallet you see in this training video on making a leather wallet has a simple design and its sewing is very simple.

This wallet is not very spacious, it does not have any special features, but it can be a stylish and suitable alternative to your old wallet.

If you do not have a good relationship with leather sewing, this leather wallet is good for you, because you do not need to sew a large part of leather and you almost use glue or string and needle.

With a sharp cutter do some cuts with the same intervals on the pieces of leather inside the bag.

These slots are for your cards, and the number of cuts is depends on yourself.

You can use a card as a model and specify the size of the slots. Using a metal ruler also makes the slots smooth and accurate.

You will make a leather wallet easily in this way. If you have been interested in leather sewing recently, this video can be a good start for you to enter the world of leather. Please share the pictures of the wallets you make with Dalir leather industry.

Wait for more training video of Dalir leather industry.