Duplex Leather Case Envelope (DPocket)


Duplex Leather Case Envelope (DPocket) make the most of the smallest space inside the car.Buy luxury goods at just “real” prices.

در صورت استفاده از فروش اقساطی و سپرده, محصول پس از پرداخت نهایی ارسال می شود مدت انقضای سپرده 15 روز می باشد, که بعد از آن سفارش با سپرده ها دیگر نمی تواند تکمیل شود.

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Duplex Leather Case Envelope (DPocket) make the most of the smallest space inside the car.

The Duplex Leather Case Envelope (DPocket) envelope is designed to give you a clever space in your car. With its stylish design, it can be perfectly positioned between the unused space of the seat and the console of your car.

Every DPocket-packed leather envelope is specially engineered to be used for any kind of car, including SUVs and even mini-vans.
If you are faced with a lack of space, this will be your best choice.

As for the launch of our new product, and for a limited time, we have a special discount of 20% for buyers, and even more discounts for more purchases. So, as long as the inventory is not completed, press the “Add to cart” button to get your product.

DPocket in Santa Fe, a product of your tablet, mobile and car charger in your car

Buy luxury goods at just “real” prices.

This local pocket is always available.

Easy to install, just put it between the console and the chair

You can save any item such as a smartphone, wallet, cigarette, key, hand cream, coin, gloves, etc.

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Additional information

Weight500 g
Dimensions20 × 10 × 5 cm
رنگ محصول Product color

, ,

نوع چرم - Type of leather

طرح - design

نوع محصول - product type


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