Shahram Shoulder bag


Shahram Shoulder bag made from natural leather of the Elegant leather.

در صورت استفاده از فروش اقساطی و سپرده, محصول پس از پرداخت نهایی ارسال می شود مدت انقضای سپرده 15 روز می باشد, که بعد از آن سفارش با سپرده ها دیگر نمی تواند تکمیل شود.

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Shahram Shoulder bag

Shahram Shoulder bag made from natural leather of the Elegant leather.

One of the best-priced and most widely used cow leather is natural Elegant leather. Elegant leather is one of the best and most sought after types of cow leather In leather factories, the most quality and finest skin, the surface of which is perfectly smooth and free of ulcers, is separated and turned into Elegant leather. The appearance of this leather is the natural texture of the skin, which over time becomes more beautiful and looks gorgeous and stylish. Elegant leather has a special softness and smoothness, yet it looks a little dull.

This elegant leather is manufactured at the Dalir Leather Industry Factory and Shahram Shoulder bag is produced by skilled designers of Charmino leather industry.

This leather bag is suitable for those who seek the originality and authentic Iranian art in the field of leather products.

An ideal leather bag for your everyday use

To keep these bags clean and healthy, these bags should not be exposed to direct heat and sunlight for long periods of time, and do not use any type of awning or cleaning spray to clean this leather bag. Only with Towel or wet cotton wipes to clean the leather surface.

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Additional information

Weight 600 g
Dimensions 22 × 16 × 7 cm
رنگ محصول Product color


نوع چرم - Type of leather

طرح - design

نوع محصول - product type

نشان محصول - Brand


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