Factors affecting the purchase of luxury brands of natural leather

Buy luxury brands of natural leather

Businesses that are active today are well aware that in order to be successful in the marketplace, it is essential that consumers consider the behavior of their leather goods and services. Because today, the breadth and variety of goods and services has caused consumers to face various options of various products and services and the process of purchasing decisions becomes complicated.

As a result, in a highly competitive market, businesses are trying to attract customers to their products and services using a variety of marketing management methods and tools. Identifying the factors that affect consumer behavior is very important in all industries, but in some areas, such as luxury brands, this is more apparent. Because the factors influencing the purchase of consumers of luxury goods are more complex than ordinary goods and are rooted in the psychological and social factors of individuals, and these consumers seek to achieve goods more valuable than conventional brands.natural leather

Today, with the increase in demand and as a result, the number of customers in the field of luxury brands has increased; the luxury market has become a competitive market. Therefore, in order to achieve more profit in this competitive market, businesses need to understand the behavior of consumers more than before. According to forecasts, by 2030, there will be approximately 500 million consumers in the global luxury brand market. That’s about 600 percent more growth than in 2013.natural leather

Buy luxury brands of natural leather

Rising demand in the industry has been a direct result of widespread urbanization, economic development, changing lifestyles, free exchange of information between people on international travel, and increased use of the Internet and social networks.

Also, in many societies, due to the reduction of class differences and globalization, even people who are not in the high-income class of society consume luxury goods, and this has led to an increase in demand for luxury brands in the world.

In Iran, several factors have led to an increase in the tendency of people to use luxury brands. The class divide is causing a class of people in society with a higher level of income to become more inclined towards luxury brands. Also, the increasing access of Iranians to the Internet, satellite networks and increasing travel abroad in recent decades, has increased people’s awareness of the existence of products and brands in the world.

Increasing the level of education in the younger generation also expands the demand for fashionable products among this group. Women’s employment and playing a greater role in society and increasing the decision-making power in various fields, including the purchase of products, have also been among the factors influencing the increase in the purchase of luxury brands in Iran.

Luxury branding in Iran is increasing dramatically. In Iran, luxury services are provided in various fields, including the construction industry, sports and welfare services, restaurants, etc.

 The leather industry in Iran is one of the industries that is in the field of luxury brands due to the scarcity of raw materials and the high cost of production. Today, increasing demand for luxury brands while increasing the number of competitors are the most important challenges for companies operating in the luxury market. Therefore, these challenges make it more difficult to gain a market share and attract loyal customers and make it necessary to conduct research in this area.

There is also this challenge for leather brands that are active in providing luxury leather products such as bags, shoes, coats and other leather products, with the presence of various Iranian and foreign leather brands.natural leather

Increasing competition between foreign and Iranian brands in the market has caused consumers to be more willing to buy other foreign brands with similar qualities when comparing the prices of Iranian leather brand products, which reduces the number of Iranian leather brand consumers and As a result, their market share declines.

Due to the fact that the price of Iranian leather brand products seems to be high, but at the same time, these products have a high cost. In addition, due to the mental status of the Iranian leather brand as a luxury brand, it is not possible to reduce the price of these products, because this is not in line with the strategies of luxury brands.

According to previous research, due to the importance of psychological factors and gaining social benefits in luxury brands, which makes people willing to pay more in exchange for social values ​​and benefits, so the study of social and individual factors on the intention to buy Luxury brands are very important and it is necessary to encourage customers to buy domestic luxury brands, including Iranian leather brands, by reviewing and strengthening other factors and providing more value for money.

For this purpose, among the various models of this research, the hybrid model “Planned Behavior Theory and Behavioral Theory” due to simultaneous attention to social and individual factors by considering the roots of collectivism in Iran and also considering the ability and People have access to resources.

The application of this combination model in the field of luxury brands is considered as a kind of research innovation. The results of this study, which was conducted to investigate and improve the factors affecting the purchase of luxury brands, can be extremely useful. Therefore, in order to support domestic production, these results can encourage consumers to buy Iranian luxury leather brands and thus lead to the success of the Iranian leather brand in the global market.

Theoretical foundations and research background

The luxury brand is introduced as a brand that offers products with the highest quality, the highest price and often handmade. Unlike essential and ordinary goods, luxury brands have intangible benefits and values ​​for the consumer and are related to the characteristics in order to enjoy, the feelings and social needs of the consumers.

Based on the luxury brand index framework, five aspects are defined for luxury brands:

Luxury brands offer superior quality and performance, are unique and unique, reflect the position and reputation of their buyers, and with meaningful identity and emotional benefits, perceived hedonism and add pleasant features to the consumer.

By buying luxury brands, people are not only looking to buy a product, but also to gain a lot of individual and social values. For example, a study conducted by Mr. Haghighi Nasab et al. In 2014 in the field of luxury brands in the construction industry in Iran and the aim of this study was to investigate the effect of luxury brand values ​​on consumer behavior, it has been shown that consumers Luxury brands are willing to pay more than normal products in exchange for luxury values. Therefore, recognizing the factors influencing consumer behavior, especially in the field of luxury brands, is very important.

According to previous research, in previous research, modeling consumer behavior has been one of the main challenges for researchers in this field. Numerous theories have been put forward about consumer behavior over the years. Some of these theories are derived from various fields, including social sciences, psychology, sociology, and economics.natural leather

One of the most widely used models in this field is divided into behavioral intent models, which are derived from the theory of behavior learning and information processing, and are formed on the premise that behavior is estimated for a specific purpose with the intention of performing that behavior. .

Intention is the individual’s conscious plan to make an effort to behave; therefore, these models focus on behaviors that are voluntary.

There are different types of factors that affect consumer behavior that have been used in this study.