Standard shoes over time

Undoubtedly, shoes are one of the first wearables that the ancestors of modern humans realized the need to make. The standard shoes that early humans used as a cover to protect their feet from any possible damage were very different from what we wear today as shoes.

Enter a shoe store today and take a look around; High-heeled standard sshoes, standard shoes without heels, boots, standard snakeskin pattern sshoes, sandals, and leather flat sshoes are the types of models that you see in the shop window of this store.

Although these shhoes seem to be models, you may be interested to know that none of these different models that you see in shhoe stores today are less than 400 years old.

You may have heard that some people believe that the sshhoes that everyone wears can reflect their social status. This belief is also rooted in the distant past.

From time immemorial, about 5000 years ago, the Egyptians wore things that looked somewhat like today’s shhoes, which contained facts about their living conditions and social class. The standard sshoes they wore in the past were open-toed shoes similar to today’s sandals, but as Christians believed that shhoes should completely cover the feet, it became common for people to wear closed-toe shoes.

In the fourteenth century, advances in the standard footwear industry led to the use of natural fabrics and leather to make standard shhoes. For this reason, many see the fourteenth century as a turning point in the spread of the fashion industry among humans. It is interesting to know that pointed shhoes were one of the first models of leather shhoes that entered the fashion world, and everyone considered wearing sharp shhoes to show the social character of people.

But in the 15th century, wide-toed sshoes replaced sharp-toed sshoes. One of the shhoes that were popular among women at that time was the so-called Venetian shoe.

The shoe had full heels, sometimes reaching a height of more than 50 cm, and most people could barely walk while wearing it. But in the seventeenth century, the heels, which were more beautiful in appearance and easier to walk with, gradually replaced these strange heels.

Until the 1800s, shoes were designed and made in such a way that there was no difference between the right foot and the left foot, until gradually the standard shoes replaced these shoes, each of which was reserved exclusively for the left and right feet. It was designed and built.

In the past, many people believed that wearing high heels could show everyone that they had more power.

Although shoes were not very popular among all people before the 18th century, despite the sewing machine and the production of cheap fabrics, shhoes became very cheap compared to before and thus provided a good ground for then everyone will be able to experience wearing shoes.

Although it was common to wear shoes similar to boots that existed before the twentieth century, it became common for people to wear comfortable shoes at the beginning of the twentieth century, at the same time as World War I.

Undoubtedly, the different models of shoes that are worn in any region are common and derived from the living environment of individuals and the culture and beliefs that govern that society.

Since the middle of the twentieth century, despite advances in the production of plastics, rubber, synthetic fabrics, as well as the production of industrial adhesives, many shoe manufacturers around the world have turned to new ways to produce and manufacture shoes, which are much different. It is an old method.

Natural leather, which is used as a raw material in the production of old shoes, has been accepted as a feature for the production of standard and durable shoes, and there are fewer traces of it in ordinary shoes. However, plastic and foam (synthetic leather) are often used in the production of sports shoes or semi-formal and informal shoes, which have various disadvantages.

However, these days, the shoe industry has gone through very important stages and has made significant progress compared to the past.


Shoe fashion is not a reason to be standard

Today, the most anticipated shoe is its beauty and the health of the feet is not taken into account. However, the main functions of sshoes are to protect the feet from injuries caused by heat, cold and pressure during walking.

“The fashion of sshoes is not the reason for their standardization, and those who have been using sshoes for a long time should pay attention to the standardization of their shoes,” says an orthopedic specialist.

Referring to the characteristics of suitable sshoes, he said: “Proper sshoes should be made of natural leather and have a maximum heel of three centimeters, and the front of the shoe should not put pressure on the toes.”

Noting that leggings protect the ankle from injury and twisting, the expert said that natural leather is the most suitable material for the production of shoes and said: “In natural leather shoes, air exchange is easy.”