Dalir leather industry, producer of leather in the latest designs and colors

Press ironing machine

dalir leather:Using such a device, the leather is smoothed and opened to some extent. The leather surface is then subjected to very high pressure (800 to 1000 tons per square centimeter) and a plate heated by an element puts pressure on the leather.Dalir leather

This method is used to smooth, open, and print patterns on leather. When the screen installed on the device is completely smooth and polished (like a mirror), the leather surface will be uniform. However, if the installed plate has a special role, this role is transferred to the leather surface and high heat and pressure cause this role to be somewhat stable and lasting. Special designs are used for special leathers to satisfy the customer’s taste in his/her desired leather.Dalir leather

Sometimes, due to the plates installed on the device and the designs of these plates, the reconstructions that often occur on the leather face, such as scratches or the effects of a knife, can disappear. The ironing machine can have different types in terms of the size of the press surface that can be installed on it and its pressure power. Therefore, according to the power of pressure and depth of patterns and the amount of heat used, the tanner prepares the desired leather according to the customer’s order.Dalir leather

Roller press also has many applications for various leathers, including leather soles. The leather sole is very thick and hard and is used as a shoe sole. To smooth this hard leather, a rotating motion, a roller, and very high pressure are used, and finally, the leather sole is slightly flat and open.Dalir leather

A special type of roller press is used for upper leathers. As explained in the ironing machine, the leather is exposed to pressure with heavy and hot rollers, and the patterns are printed on it. These rollers are interchangeable for different prints and modes. The leather roller press is used for leathers that have a wide surface and especially for special tastes such as sofa leather.

Dalir leather industry has different types of heat presses with special designs that try to be a leader in this field by updating their designs.

You can see the latest designs in the photos below.Dalir leather

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