This leather shoe is a shield against damage or a tool for beauty- shoe heel industry – creative design
People were able to increase their mobility through the use of feet shields.

The invention of footwear (Leather shoes) is one of the most important inventions of human.
Move easily in the escape times. Keep the feet against teasel, rock and cold.


Leather shoes; a shield against damage or a tool for beauty

For a long time, what we call shoes does not have any functions except keeping feet and their health. As the same for cloths.

But with the growth of human well-being and settled life instead of romadism, the issue of diversity and beauty that was seen on the top part of body such as crowns, necklaces, and even bracelets, was also drawn to other parts of the body.

At first the clothes turned into a theme of beauty and dignity, and then the footwear.

So when we look at leather shoes, although its covering has to be considered, but sometimes it is diminished due to the increasing the beauty features.

Leather shoes; a shield against damage or a tool for beauty

In this collection, a lot of leather shoes models are related to the winter season. The season of rain and snow, and the lands that are frozen.

But what is certain is that a lady cannot easily walk with these shoes and boots with this type of heel in such atmospheric conditions, or at least a long distance.

These shoes are suitable for people who are going to use leather shoes in the winter, but in a non-winter environment, and with the least possible time to move.

creative design

The manufacturer, the designer and the consumer are well aware of this issue.

The final leather shoes of this collection on this page are also some kind of creative design and against damage.

So far, we have seen most of the creativity in leather shoes manufacturing in the design of the upper part of shoes and heels, but in these shoes, the insole has become a creative element.

This shoe is a rare sample of a shoe collection that we have ever put on this page.

creative design

In the creative design of the shoe insoles, a number of issues are very important, first of all, how it is seen and the second is the observance of the standard for foot balancing in fixed and moving positions for against damage.

Although the self of this creativity is very important and the three first models of this design are not so attractive and all the charm is in the latter model.

against damage

The harmonious and balanced position between the heels, the slope of insole, and the straps over the shoes, the two-piece shape and the shoe’s upper part make the shoe look like a flying bird.

Although there seems to be a slight imbalance in design, it should be remembered that foot with shoes should be beautiful, and when the shoe is worn, the leg is as a pillar so steady that everyone admire it.

against damage