Using Leather has different conditions because of the material and special properties that it has, and for example, when you are making a leather coat, you have to adhere to more points than a fabric coat, (Learn how to make leather coat ).

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The needle tip is very sharp in training how to make a leather coat, In fact, every time a needle enters into leather, a small cut is created and the string passes through it.

With the increasing number of layers of leather, you should use thiner needles. Among needles, numbers 11, 14, and 16 are most often used.

If you encounter problems such as missing a stich or tearing the string repeatedly, use a needle with a different number.

Learn how to make leather jackets

How to make leather jackets,Sewing string:In the manufacture of leather jackets, durable string should be used., Learn how to make leather jackets
Stitch size

Because the needle in this kind of training cut the leather, stitches should not be too small.

Before you start sewing, , test stitch and the kind of string on a small piece of the leather.

Also keep in mind that start training about half a centimeter distance from the leather edge.

However, in some cases where the size of the Stitch is large, the back movement is used to seal the seams, but keep in mind that the string strain should not be too much.

Sewing string:
In the manufacture of leather jackets, durable string should be used. Rayon strings are much more suitable than cotton string or a combination of them.

Also, special sewing string for forty pieces and needlework are suitable in sewing leather. To test the string’s strength, open it about 30 cm from the pulley and pull it with two hands. If the string is torn, its durability is not suitable for leather sewing.