How to make a cosmetic bag

How to make a cosmetic bag

To make a cosmetic bag on the desired leather, we design 2 pieces of our desired pattern and cut them. Then, from the wall part, we embroider the first number on one of the two patterns with different leathers, and when the embroidery is sewn, we remove a 20 cm zipper.

The zipper should be number 5. Then we separate the zipper from the teeth part and then we sew the zipper in part number 3. Then the zipper should be installed on this side of the leather and then it should be sewn to the opposite side. Then we have to have an extra 1.5 cm zipper on each side of the leather. We can also attach the liner before gluing and sewing.

In the cosmetic bag, the prominent part of the liner should always be on the work and the glossy part should be attached to the work. After sewing the zipper, we have to insert the zipper head into the zipper so that the teeth close like the first moment. By way of pass passage, the wall of the bag is connected to the back and front of the bag. The edges of the wall should be sewn to the zipper. The wall must be connected from parts 4 to 5, ie 61 holes in the wall must be sewn to 61 holes in the back.

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