The first national chain of clothing , footwear, leather industry

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The First National Chain of Industry of bag, Footwear, Leather – The Iranian shoe industry has always been the subject of
attention by policymakers as one of the successful industries in the past decades with the potential for employment and worthiness.

The national award of the National Chain of Shoes industry has the ability to create a role for growth and
development of the industry by creating dynamic and competitive firms.


The National Shoe Industry Award was first designed in Iran and its specific structure and features were designed
to provide a platform for strategic and clever changes in the industry.

In this regard, the key achievements of the award are as follows:


Since the structure of the shoe industry is made up of micro, small, medium and large enterprises

Therefore, the forms and evaluation process are different.

Dear Applicants Participating in the First National Chain of Industry of Kiev, Footwear, Leather

She had to get the initial forms by contacting the Secretariat of the National Shoes Industry Award
And follow the process below to complete self-assessment forms and other steps.


Ddlir Leather Industries is one of the first supporters of the National Chain of Industry of Kiev, shoes and leather.

With the continuous efforts and support of the member organizations of the National Award Leader as the
organizer of the first National Conference on the Chain of Industry, Footwear, Leather
succeeded in obtaining a license from the Center for Governmental Management Conferences.

Phone Call Secretariat: 22880174-021

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