The economic situation and the currency price of Iran are already as you see, and nothing is resolved by delay or chiding.

This situation is a very good platform for some of the industries to grow in this situation and the currency price of Iran.

Economic situation and currency price for the growth of domestic industry of Iran

Turkey has sustained its economic by tourism, textiles and clothing industry.

Dear meson owners and all the friends who are fashion designers! A great platform is provided and you can make your own brand names like Zara and Mango.

Good quality, design and reasonable prices (no dependence on the price of the currency) and Iran’s production.

With the price of the currencies, the dollars, AED, lira, importing garments are not economical neither for the consumer nor for the importer and the industries.

my mother said that before the revolution, all Iranians bought Iranian cloths and they never purchase Turkish cloths, why do we see everywhere MADE IN TURKEY nowadays ?

It’s time to stop being absolute consumer and try to think about manufacturing domestic industries…

Domestic manufacturing industries are in danger of collapse due to our indolence. Who believes that the silk used to make Iranian handmade carpets is an import production?

Everyone was buying whatever he wants by cheap dollar, but now the price of dollar is high and no one knows what to do.

We have become a dependent, indolent, inactive, and completely consuming country, we just wait to see what other countries produce, then we purchase their products ostentatiously and sell them with double or triple price to our countrymen, and we are proud to be entrepreneur too.

A country that has no other extraordinary resource just oil, it is an oil dependent, and so if no country buy our oil, how we can survive?

Nowadays everyone is either thinking about leaving the country or nagging and blaming others.