Lack of education is a problem of the country’s leather industry

Lack of education is a problem of the country’s leather industry

The director of the country’s leather and shoes department, the lack of attention to education and lack of manpower named the most important weaknesses of the country’s leather and footwear industry and said: to strengthen this industry, more educational and research cooperation with academic, technical and professional centers be done.
Mr. Arash Mansouri told IRNA on Sunday on the sidelines of a visit to the training center of a leather production unit in Karaj: “In field, scientific and research studies, we have come to the conclusion that some of the weaknesses in the country’s leather industry are due to lack of attention to education.” And there is a lack of efficient and professional manpower.

The director of the country’s leather and footwear department referred to the recent meeting of leather and leather products industry activists in Tehran, Alborz, Khorasan-e Razavi, Mazandaran, Hamedan and Azerbaijan provinces and said: “We obtained large and small information to strengthen the interaction between the leather industry and centers.” Training and skills will be effective for the growth and development of this industry.
He said: “Weaknesses in marketing and sales is another challenge of the leather industry that to solve this challenge, specialized training courses should be considered.” shoe
Mr. Mansouri added: in order to create and change the infrastructure and permanence in the culture of work and production, there is a need for training and programs in technical training centers and schools. If we are to change the status quo, we must redesign education to optimize and prepare the ground for common goals.
He continued: “In this regard, we need to create and design an educational institution in the leather industry and the problems of this industry should be given specialized attention.”
Emphasizing the need to reform and update the laws governing the industry, Mr. Mansouri said: “These laws must be amended and changed in a way so that the country’s industry can get rid of the many complications in the path of production leap.”
The director of the country’s leather and footwear department, updating technical knowledge in the industrial sector as an efficient solution in achieving new methods of producing quality and popular goods in domestic and foreign markets and an effective move in the direction of production leap and increase employment.
He stressed that the expansion of training programs to cover the interaction of industry, universities and skills training in professional technical centers with the aim of improving the knowledge of industry manpower is an important step in innovation and development of the industry.
He said: “In a situation where sanctions have targeted our country’s economy, it is necessary for universities and industry, with the help of training centers, to take joint action with the central slogans of ‘self-reliance’, ‘liberation from dependence’ and ‘export development’.” Complete word operation.
Mr. Mansouri stated: Creating an interaction between industry and the university will accelerate the movement in the development of industry and provide a suitable platform for job creation.
He said: “Despite the positive developments in the interaction between academia and industry in recent years, the long gap between economic actors and academics is still emerging as an acute challenge in the growth of the country’s economy.”
Alborz province has more than 40 industrial units active in the field of production of natural and artificial leather, some of which are exported to different countries around the world.
The provinces of Tehran, East Azerbaijan, Khorasan Razavi, Alborz, Hamedan and Isfahan are the major producers of leather products in the country and Alborz province is ranked fourth in the country in this regard.
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Let’s start shoemaking training from schools

The head of the country’s bag and shoe union also reminded that the main challenge of the bag and shoe industry is the lack of trained manpower, because families no longer send their children to study in this profession from adolescence.
To solve this problem, Mr. Rasoul Shajari suggested that we should start teaching from schools and continue in universities, adding: “Once upon a time, the best shoe designers and artists worked in this province, but unfortunately, these people have faced a decline in work over time.”

The employment investment rate in the footwear industry is very low

The CEO of the province’s industrial estates company also called for the strengthening of organizations and unions in the leather and footwear industry and added: “These institutions must provide their expert opinions in the production of products.”
He described the solution to turn the threat of currency fluctuations into an opportunity as the production of various products based on the export attitude and said: the average investment investment rate in heavy industries such as petrochemicals and steel is 200 million tomans per person, but this rate is very low in the shoe industry. As a result, it has a high advantage.



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