The spring and summer models of 2020 at three exhibitions of Simac, Tanning Tech and Lineapelle

The spring and summer models of 2020 at three exhibitions of The three exhibitions of Simac and Tanning Tech and Lineapelle were held from the 20th to the 22nd of February last year at the Milan Exhibition Center of Italy, and Dalir leather industry has been present for several consecutive years in this fair..

A complete report of the spring and summer models of 2020 at the three exhibitions of Simac, Tenning Tech and Lineapelle

The spring and summer models of 2020 at three exhibitions of Simac, Tanning Tech and Lineapelle

In Simac exhibition, the latest machinery and technologies for manufacturing leather goods and shoes are presented,

In Tanning Tech the latest leather machinery and technologies and in Lineapelle the latest accessories and auto parts for making shoes and other leather good are introduced.

In February, three of these exhibitions, machinery and accessories were introduced that they are used to produce shoes, leather and leather goods in the spring and summer of 2020 (1399 solar year).

And in the two exhibitions of this year, Simac and Tanning Tech 322 participants attended in an area of 18,666 square meters from countries such as Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Iran, France, Germany, Japan, Greece, India, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey and the United States.

The spring and summer models of 2020 at three exhibitions of Simac, Tanning Tech and Lineapelle

The exhibition was attended by 150 people, including 3 from Iran, invited by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, and all expenses including airfare, hotel and food and feed were paid by the Italian government.


Lineapelle is the most important exhibition of leather and footwear accessories around the world, which is held twice a year in September and march every year.

In this exhibition, 1255 participants (777 companies from Italy) from 45 countries attended in an area of 47, 500 square meters and presented the latest models of leather, sole, insoles, ironmongery, heels, string, waxes, glue and other consumables in the production of shoes and leather goods of spring and summer of 2020.

According to the reporter of leather and shoe market, more than 20 thousand people visited this Lineapelle exhibition in the leather and footwear market.

Milan Fashion Week

The Milan Fashion Week was held in Milan, Italy from February 19th to February 25th, this year.
Every year, fashion related businesses and tourism activities of this city gain very benefits from the event.

Milan Fashion Week is held every year since 1958 annually in March and September.
In this week, Italy’s leading brands in the field of clothing and fashion hold their own private exhibitions in different parts of the city.

Altogether, about 70 fashion shows in this week is held in Milan.
30,000 designers, buyers and reporters come to Milan to benefit from the event.

This number is apart from several ten thousands of people attend the exhibition for other events such as the exhibition of glasses, gardening and machinery and footwear.

Fashion Exhibition of Fur and Leather

Mipap and Mifur are two exhibitions that were held from 22 to 25 februery this year in Milan, Italy.

These two exhibitions, which are specially designed for leather and fur apparel, are the latest models of leather clothing for the year 2020 from the skin of all kinds of animals such as cattle, sheep rabbits, foxes and crocodiles.

and according to the reporter of leather and show market, more than 11,000 people visited these two. This is the most important live show of leather and fur in Italy that it was held on the first day of the show at the San Luca Hall.