Learn to build leather Flower pot

Learn to build leather Flower pot

Leather Flower pot is the most beautiful thing that can make your home decoration more stylish than any decorations you’ve ever seen.
Do not miss this tutorial.

The tool for making leather Flower pot:
Leather to the required amount
Carbon paper for painting
Piercing machine
Razor and pencil

method :
Draw the top pattern onto a carbon paper and paste it onto the leather

Moisten your wet skin with a wet sponge. Repeat this three times, with this effortless design printed on the leather.

Fill with pencil on the pattern to leave the pencil effect on the leather and move the pattern to the leather.

Take the pattern around your skin round the round.

Sharpen the lines as shown.

Shuffle the fingers between the lines you’ve blurred.

Give it the size of the leather.

Hole the upper part of the Flower pot so you can pass it.

Get slim leather straps and knit holes. This way you can hang your Flower pot from the ceiling.

Leather Flower pot is ready for leather …. Enjoy its beauty.

Learn how to make a key leather case

Required items: 1. Leather 2. Adhesive 3. Scissor 4. Cutter 5. Thread and needle 6. Magnet 7. Rivet 2. Number 8. Keyboard 9. Ruler 10. Punch One and a half and three 11. Plank 12- A handful of 13-Lighter


First, draw a rectangular shape with sides 13 to 27 cm on the cardboard and crop the corners of it.
۱- Put the pattern on the leather and cut it round it.
۲٫ For the key pads, place the appropriate and similar patterns on the leather on the leather and cut it round it.
۳٫ Fasten your pockets with glue to the work area.



۴٫ Cut the rectangle to fit the key.

۵٫ To install the key pad on the leather rectangle, first place the holes with a slider on the leather rectangle, then create a hole with a hole and then install the roller on the rectangle with the help of a riveting tool.

۶٫ Put on the work of the pintle and then apply the leather on the ground.

۷- Create round holes for threads through the pivot round-the-clock.

۸٫ For this sewing, first we remove the yarn from the inside and burn the additions of the yarn to the end of it.



۹٫ After burning, remove the thread from above to the third hole, remove the needle from the third hole to the previous hole, and finish the sewing.
۱۰٫ In the end, burning yarn and blinding it, we pull the thread from below and burn it.
۱۱٫ To push the magnets (or press the button), first press it on one side of the workplace to place it on the leather. Then pierce it with a cutter.
۱۲- For the other side, the magnets are fastened to the side that is mounted on the bag and placed twice on it, and pierced with a cutter, and at the end of the bolt, we remove the magnets from behind.


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Making amazing jeweled heels


Wonderful jeweled heel making method for women’s leather heel shoes
There are many ways to decorate the shoes in a personal style. Here we show you that with glue, a few rhinestones and a bit of imagination, you can decorate simple shoes that surely attract much more attention.

You need:

A pair of high heeled shoes
۴۰-۵۰ Large and medium riddles (10-15 mm) Multiform
Thin 30-40 mm (3-6 mm) round rhinestones
E-6000 adhesive
Plate or small dish

Do it yourself:
Glue in a small dish or dish. Take a rhinestone with a scissor and apply a glue on the back. “Note: Smaller round stones need a very small amount of glue.” Use a slit gently to glued the back of the stone, then stick to the heel. Push it a little until it fits perfectly. Do the same with other rocks and enjoy it!