Tannaz ceremony bag


The leather of Tannaz ceremony bag is made of geniun cow leather Masimo design and vegetable tanned leather.

در صورت استفاده از فروش اقساطی و سپرده, محصول پس از پرداخت نهایی ارسال می شود مدت انقضای سپرده 15 روز می باشد, که بعد از آن سفارش با سپرده ها دیگر نمی تواند تکمیل شود.


The leather of Tannaz ceremony bag is made of geniun cow leather and vegetable tanned leather.

The leather of Tannaz ceremony bag is made of geniun cow leather Masimo design and vegetable tanned leather.

Geniun leather of Tannaz ceremony bag is a vegetable tanned leather.

Leather with vegetable tanning – These types of leather are made using tannins and other materials found in plant tissues, such as on the skin, wood, fruit and root of the trees. This leather is soft and flexible and has a brownish color, but its exact color depends on the composition of the ingredients as well as the color of the skin.

This type of leather is the only type that is suitable for engraving and marking on leather.

This feature of leather made from oak bark is used in traditional footwear. This type of leather in hot water is severely curtailed and tightened over and eventually becomes crisp.

An example of this application is cooked leather, which immerses leather in hot water, or is cooked in wax or other similar materials to rinse.

Historically, this type of leather, after hardening, was mainly used to make armor, but it was also used to books.

Masimo design

After making leather, crafted by Dalir leather industry using a press machine, Masimo design has been struck on this product.

Masimo design is a new design of the Dalir leather industry, which is naturally woven as a wicker mat.

After making leather, the Tannaz ceremony bag is made by the Charmino leather industry and sold in cooperation with the Dalir leather industry.

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Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 30 × 4 × 16 cm
رنگ محصول Product color

نوع چرم - Type of leather

طرح - design

نوع محصول - product type

نشان محصول - Brand


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