Mina Shoulder bag


Mina Shoulder bag is made of geniun leather of the cow, flutter.

در صورت استفاده از فروش اقساطی و سپرده, محصول پس از پرداخت نهایی ارسال می شود مدت انقضای سپرده 15 روز می باشد, که بعد از آن سفارش با سپرده ها دیگر نمی تواند تکمیل شود.


Mina Shoulder bag is made of geniun leather of the cow, flutter.

Leather This Women’s bag with geniun leather cow, flutter is produced in the Dalir Leather Industry and the Mina Shoulder bag is produced by skilled designers of Charmino Leather Industry.

The flutter leather is divided into several derivatives after tanning, each of which has its own characteristics.

The cowhide flutter is also one of these types of cowhide. This leather is very soft and delicate
It is also very resistant to scratches and rubbing.

It has a smooth surface and eclipses. The reason for these features is the leather making process that has passed.

The use of chemicals from world-renowned companies and world-class machines and the use of experienced engineers in the Dalir Leather Industry have made it possible to distinguish this Mina Shoulder bag on the market.

Dalir Leather Industry, using modern equipment with many years of experience in producing fine leather, can produce and deliver all types of leather for domestic industry with optimal quality.

This Mina Shoulder bag is suitable for those who seek the originality and authentic art of Iranian leather production.

The elegant sewing and lining to embroider this Women’s bag is a hallmark of its prominent features, and the elegant choice is beautiful.

A Women’s bag is ideal for your everyday use

In order to keep the Mina Shoulder bag clean and safe, these bags should not be exposed to direct heat and excessive sunlight for long periods of time.
Do not use any type of awning or cleaning spray to clean this leather bag
Clean the leather surface with a towel or wet cotton wipes.

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Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 28 × 6 × 23 cm
رنگ محصول Product color


نوع چرم - Type of leather

طرح - design

نوع محصول - product type

نشان محصول - Brand


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