Handmade leather ostrich leather office bag


This office bag is made of geniun leather, made of ostrich leather and sewn hands perfectly
در صورت استفاده از فروش اقساطی و سپرده, محصول پس از پرداخت نهایی ارسال می شود مدت انقضای سپرده 15 روز می باشد, که بعد از آن سفارش با سپرده ها دیگر نمی تواند تکمیل شود.

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This office bag is made of geniun leather, made of ostrich leather and sewn hands perfectly

Dalir Leather Industries is the only manufacturer of ostrich leather in Iran

Ostrich leather is one of the most valuable products of this animal.

The unique office bag, resistance, delicacy and durability of the ostrich leather look.

The appearance of the office bag is very beautiful. Compared to other leather bags, the natural fat found in the ostrich skin makes it more flexible and resistant to dryness and cracking.

The distinctive feature of this animal’s skin is the presence of points associated with the stem follicles on its surface.

Ostrich leather resistance is six times the size of a other leather resistance. This feature, with its remarkable delicacy and ease of use, has made this office bag in the ranks of expensive bags.

On the large portion of the center of a skin of an ostrich skin and its cut out edges, the effect of the rescue of the feathers is clearly characterized by uniform holes that give the finished leather and the final product a natural look.

Usually, after cutting and scouring the ostrich, it cleans, limescale, and then cleanses the skin and prepares for tanning.

After entering the skin, the skin is tanned like other skin by minerals, and in some cases tannins and tanning plants, and after passing through different stages, the product eventually turns into precious leather.

The leather is usually dyed during production, in the drum or in other common ways. The leather after dyeing is completed and polished, which is a beautiful and natural pattern of the appearance of the leather, and a charming appearance is soft, brilliant and at the same time. Being resistant now.

This leather office bag is hand-crafted and individually sewn.

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Weight500 g
Dimensions40 × 12 × 28 cm
رنگ محصول Product color

نوع چرم - Type of leather

نوع محصول - product type



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