Complications of using foam products (synthetic leather)

After the stone and the skin, genuine leather can be considered as the oldest thing that human have had. Since a long time ago, leather has been as the cover for early humans and even, today it is so. Leather is still popular among many global communities. But why...

A History of Leather Industry in Iran

Leather Industry in Iran - With a grassland of over 9 million hectares and over 92 head of cattle, sheep, goats and water buffalo, Iran has a an enormous potential for animal husbandry. Leather Industry in Iran - In recent years, the number of livestock has reached a...

From A to Z about skin and leather of ostrich

Soft like feather, firm like skin of camel, from A to Z about ostrich skin and ostrich leather. Ostrich leather which is produced of ostrich skin is one of the most precious products of this animal. The unique beauty, firmness, softness and durability are the features...

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Toggling leather step

Toggling leather step

In the manufacture of all kinds of natural leather, the toggling leather step is used to get the tensile stretch of leather. The toggling leather step is used both in tanning and the Finishing leather finish.

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