COVID-19 Should Not Prevent the Leather and Fashion Sectors from Moving Forward

COVID-19 Should Not Prevent the Leather and Fashion Sectors from Moving Forward

COVID-19 Should Not Prevent the Leather and Fashion Sectors from Moving Forward

Since April, we have organised 14 hours of webinars, inviting experts on production, sustainability, business, retailing, sourcing and trends to share their expertise and experience with the leather and fashion industries. A total of more than 6,000 participants attended.

leather and corona

The Italian Tanners’ Association (UNIC) and the Leather and Hide Council of America (LHCA) were both invited to share their expert opinions on how their members were dealing with the challenges posed by COVID-19. In fact, UNIC used the webinar to announce the reopening of their tanneries in May.

Leather Naturally continued its mission to promote leather through our webinar in June by drawing consumers’ attention to the sustainability, durability and beauty of the materials we love.

The National Wildlife Federation of USA and Woolmark are among the speaker lineup who were invited for the first time to speak in our webinar series.

Many of the APLF onsite events have also been moved online. The APLF’s Product Trends for Spring/Summer 2021, and the Colour and Material Trends for Fall/Winter 2021/22 have been announced as online events for a worldwide audience.

The Fall-Winter 2021/22 trends, titled “Another earth…a new era” is a colour and material trends presentation returning to the earth, which helps us think about tomorrow in a positive way – a response to sentiment that emerged as a result of COVID-19.

We also announced the winner of our Design-a-Bag Online Competition, which should have taken place at Fashion Access. Mary Chan from Central Saint Martins was awarded the prize as the overall winner with her SecondSkin, a bag inspired by the female body. She is going to attend a 4-week bag design course at the prestigious Arsutoria School in Milan.

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APLF also organised InTouch events – the innovative online business matching format to keep the buying momentum going. InTouch allows exhibitors to launch their product live and virtually to buyers around the world. Through the online marketplace, buyers can make enquiries and online appointments to continue their negotiations afterwards.

Since our first InTouch in April, 8 events have been completed, with 40 exhibitors, including the members of UNIC, International Trade Centre (ITC) and awardees of the Materials+ Sustainability Programme.

Many footwear and leather goods brands attended our InTouch. Ms Kate Wang, Sourcing Manager ASPA of Birkenstock who attended and connected with exhibitors through our one-to-one meetings, said, “(The InTouch is) absolutely helpful to my business, especially the sustainable materials session. With the help of the APLF team, I have contacted the suppliers and forward the information to our German team. I appreciated all their online events, especially I can spend an hour at the end of the day to understand the latest industry updates.”


Keeping the momentum

Before the next fairs in Hong Kong, APLF will keep the industry momentum forward by organising even more webinars and online events.

On 3rd September 2020, we will have a webinar on Ways to Tell Consumers How Sustainable Your Leather and Textile Could Be, with Dr. Dietrich Tegtmeyer from Laxness and Linda Wegelin and Mirjam Bänninger from Testex as our speakers.

APLF will also invite buyers around the world to join our personalised business matching service. Through the service, we are able to help buyers with a specific sourcing needs to find the right partners – which has always been the mission of APLF.

These initiatives are the first steps forward within a much larger, future-facing plan for the industry. The organiser is now working on some exciting projects and partnerships which will benefit our exhibitors and buyers.

Successful solutions in the production, sale and marketing of leather products


At the request of most of the dear friends of students and students, the Dalir Leather Industries is going to provide you with experiences in training, producing and selling leather products.


Webinar topics:

Successful solutions in the production, sale and marketing of leather products


In this webinar you will learn that:
  • Self-knowledge before producing leather products
  • Proper and principled training before production
  • Weaknesses and strengths in the production of leather products
  • What to produce? How to produce?
  • Marketing and Business
  • Customer orientation, commitment in production, sales and marketing
  • Appropriate use of social networks for advertising
  • Factors of sales decline and losses
  • Success and growth factors
  • Successful business in times of crisis


Contacts of this webinar:

All interested in producing and selling leather products


Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How can I ask my questions in the field of production and sale of leather products after watching the video?

Answer: You can have questions and answers. I suggest you ask your important questions in the WhatsApp application (bottom right corner of the website) with us, so that we can answer you.


Question: I am interested in embroidering leather and its production, but I have no experience in this field. Is this video right for me?

Answer: Definitely

The spring and summer models of 2020 at three exhibitions of Simac, Tanning Tech and Lineapelle

The spring and summer models of 2020 at three exhibitions of The three exhibitions of Simac and Tanning Tech and Lineapelle were held from the 20th to the 22nd of February last year at the Milan Exhibition Center of Italy, and Dalir leather industry has been present for several consecutive years in this fair..

A complete report of the spring and summer models of 2020 at the three exhibitions of Simac, Tenning Tech and Lineapelle

The spring and summer models of 2020 at three exhibitions of Simac, Tanning Tech and Lineapelle

In Simac exhibition, the latest machinery and technologies for manufacturing leather goods and shoes are presented,

In Tanning Tech the latest leather machinery and technologies and in Lineapelle the latest accessories and auto parts for making shoes and other leather good are introduced.

In February, three of these exhibitions, machinery and accessories were introduced that they are used to produce shoes, leather and leather goods in the spring and summer of 2020 (1399 solar year).

And in the two exhibitions of this year, Simac and Tanning Tech 322 participants attended in an area of 18,666 square meters from countries such as Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Iran, France, Germany, Japan, Greece, India, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey and the United States.

The spring and summer models of 2020 at three exhibitions of Simac, Tanning Tech and Lineapelle

The exhibition was attended by 150 people, including 3 from Iran, invited by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, and all expenses including airfare, hotel and food and feed were paid by the Italian government.


Lineapelle is the most important exhibition of leather and footwear accessories around the world, which is held twice a year in September and march every year.

In this exhibition, 1255 participants (777 companies from Italy) from 45 countries attended in an area of 47, 500 square meters and presented the latest models of leather, sole, insoles, ironmongery, heels, string, waxes, glue and other consumables in the production of shoes and leather goods of spring and summer of 2020.

According to the reporter of leather and shoe market, more than 20 thousand people visited this Lineapelle exhibition in the leather and footwear market.

Milan Fashion Week

The Milan Fashion Week was held in Milan, Italy from February 19th to February 25th, this year.
Every year, fashion related businesses and tourism activities of this city gain very benefits from the event.

Milan Fashion Week is held every year since 1958 annually in March and September.
In this week, Italy’s leading brands in the field of clothing and fashion hold their own private exhibitions in different parts of the city.

Altogether, about 70 fashion shows in this week is held in Milan.
30,000 designers, buyers and reporters come to Milan to benefit from the event.

This number is apart from several ten thousands of people attend the exhibition for other events such as the exhibition of glasses, gardening and machinery and footwear.

Fashion Exhibition of Fur and Leather

Mipap and Mifur are two exhibitions that were held from 22 to 25 februery this year in Milan, Italy.

These two exhibitions, which are specially designed for leather and fur apparel, are the latest models of leather clothing for the year 2020 from the skin of all kinds of animals such as cattle, sheep rabbits, foxes and crocodiles.

and according to the reporter of leather and show market, more than 11,000 people visited these two. This is the most important live show of leather and fur in Italy that it was held on the first day of the show at the San Luca Hall.

The first national chain of clothing , footwear, leather industry

The first national chain of clothing , footwear, leather industry

The First National Chain of Industry of bag, Footwear, Leather – The Iranian shoe industry has always been the subject of
attention by policymakers as one of the successful industries in the past decades with the potential for employment and worthiness.

The national award of the National Chain of Shoes industry has the ability to create a role for growth and
development of the industry by creating dynamic and competitive firms.


The National Shoe Industry Award was first designed in Iran and its specific structure and features were designed
to provide a platform for strategic and clever changes in the industry.

In this regard, the key achievements of the award are as follows:


Since the structure of the shoe industry is made up of micro, small, medium and large enterprises

Therefore, the forms and evaluation process are different.

Dear Applicants Participating in the First National Chain of Industry of Kiev, Footwear, Leather

She had to get the initial forms by contacting the Secretariat of the National Shoes Industry Award
And follow the process below to complete self-assessment forms and other steps.


Ddlir Leather Industries is one of the first supporters of the National Chain of Industry of Kiev, shoes and leather.

With the continuous efforts and support of the member organizations of the National Award Leader as the
organizer of the first National Conference on the Chain of Industry, Footwear, Leather
succeeded in obtaining a license from the Center for Governmental Management Conferences.

Phone Call Secretariat: 22880174-021

Report on holding the second exhibition of Iranian export capabilities

The second exhibition of export capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran was held at the ُShahre Aftab Exhibition.

The exhibition was held on November 9th-12th with the presence of eager Exporters as well as commercial companies only in two halls of the city of Shahre Aftab.

The afternoon show of the city of Shahre Aftab has not yet received the infrastructure necessary for such an exhibition to be visited by foreign countries, and it would have been better to hold two international exhibition halls for both visitors and exhibitors to pursue their goals. Companies arrived.

Although this is the second time of the exhibition, its high name, as well as the wide area considered for it, was expected to be held at a wider level.

Of course, this exhibition is not a pleasure for enthusiasts of this field, and this situation can be used to start export cooperation because all industrial, leather, food, crafts and decorative, construction, pharmaceutical and … companies have been involved. .

It is hoped that the best of such programs would be to increase export capabilities and gross national income.

At the end, see our proprietary video report:

The second exhibition of Iranian export capabilities

The second exhibition of Iranian export capabilities

The presence of 600 international businessmen and merchants from 43 countries in the second exhibition of export capabilities and said:
The exhibition will be held on November 9-12, 2016 at the Shahre aftab – Tehran Fair, which will be attended by government officials and parliamentarians at the opening ceremony.

The second exhibition of export capabilities is scheduled to take place at 15,000 square meters of exhibition space, with 12 commodity groups including:
Food industry, automotive, industrial, carpet, textile, leather and apparel, wood industry, household appliances, handicrafts, health products, medical equipment, construction industry, mining, petrochemicals etc. will be attended to non-oil exports We will increase the country and move towards the policies of the resistance economy.

Organizing B2B meetings and specialized training teams around Tehran’s export and tourism sectors, and visiting industrial towns, science and technology parks
Said Iran Expo, the presence of foreign businessmen for 2 nights and 3 days as guests of the exhibition in the hotel to provide a useful and effective space for foreign participants.


With the presence of the delirious leather industry in the exhibition


The fourth exhibition of bags and shoes, leather and related industries

The fourth exhibition of bags and shoes, leather and related industries


The fourth exhibition of bags and shoes, leather and related industries will be held at the permanent exhibition of Tehran’s international exhibitions. According to the PR of the Trade Development Organization, the fair will be held from October 3 to October 6 for four days.

“Society of Iranian Footwear Industry Directors and Specialists”, “Iranian Leather Industry Association”, “Tehran Machine and Rubber Shoes Association”, “Manufacturers and Exporters of Iranian Artificial Leather”, “Union of Tehran”, “Union of Natural Leather Sellers, Artificial Leather And footwear accessories “,” Tehran Tobacco Association “in the form of organizations at the exhibition.

In addition to domestic manufacturers, companies and manufacturers from some foreign countries, including companies from Italy, Turkey, China, Iraq, Germany and France, participated in the exhibition, and introduced the latest leather and leather industry and related industries to the public Will be laid.

Venue: Permanent Tehran International Fair. Tehran – Chamran Highway – Permanent Place of Tehran International Exhibitions.

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