Training to make leather wallet

Training to make leather wallet

The suitability of the pattern and design of any leather product is wholly personal; the purpose of the Dalir leather industry is to make you once to have a look at from A to Z of training to make a leather wallet and learn the parts that you do not know.

So if the final model in your opinion is not a beautiful and practical leather wallet, then it can still teach you a lot.

Because there are different and personalized designs in wallets, but sewing almost all parts of it, is the same.

This training is entirely based on the content provided on this site and we hope that the content will be useful for you regarding the time and accuracy spent on this training video by the Dalir Leather Industries team.

Training to make leather wallet

The leather wallet you see in this training video on making a leather wallet has a simple design and its sewing is very simple.

This wallet is not very spacious, it does not have any special features, but it can be a stylish and suitable alternative to your old wallet.

If you do not have a good relationship with leather sewing, this leather wallet is good for you, because you do not need to sew a large part of leather and you almost use glue or string and needle.

With a sharp cutter do some cuts with the same intervals on the pieces of leather inside the bag.

These slots are for your cards, and the number of cuts is depends on yourself.

You can use a card as a model and specify the size of the slots. Using a metal ruler also makes the slots smooth and accurate.

You will make a leather wallet easily in this way. If you have been interested in leather sewing recently, this video can be a good start for you to enter the world of leather. Please share the pictures of the wallets you make with Dalir leather industry.

Wait for more training video of Dalir leather industry.

Leather shoes; a shield against damage or a tool for beauty

Leather shoes; a shield against damage or a tool for beauty

This leather shoe is a shield against damage or a tool for beauty- shoe heel industry – creative design
People were able to increase their mobility through the use of feet shields.

The invention of footwear (Leather shoes) is one of the most important inventions of human.
Move easily in the escape times. Keep the feet against teasel, rock and cold.


Leather shoes; a shield against damage or a tool for beauty

For a long time, what we call shoes does not have any functions except keeping feet and their health. As the same for cloths.

But with the growth of human well-being and settled life instead of romadism, the issue of diversity and beauty that was seen on the top part of body such as crowns, necklaces, and even bracelets, was also drawn to other parts of the body.

At first the clothes turned into a theme of beauty and dignity, and then the footwear.

So when we look at leather shoes, although its covering has to be considered, but sometimes it is diminished due to the increasing the beauty features.

Leather shoes; a shield against damage or a tool for beauty

In this collection, a lot of leather shoes models are related to the winter season. The season of rain and snow, and the lands that are frozen.

But what is certain is that a lady cannot easily walk with these shoes and boots with this type of heel in such atmospheric conditions, or at least a long distance.

These shoes are suitable for people who are going to use leather shoes in the winter, but in a non-winter environment, and with the least possible time to move.

creative design

The manufacturer, the designer and the consumer are well aware of this issue.

The final leather shoes of this collection on this page are also some kind of creative design and against damage.

So far, we have seen most of the creativity in leather shoes manufacturing in the design of the upper part of shoes and heels, but in these shoes, the insole has become a creative element.

This shoe is a rare sample of a shoe collection that we have ever put on this page.

creative design

In the creative design of the shoe insoles, a number of issues are very important, first of all, how it is seen and the second is the observance of the standard for foot balancing in fixed and moving positions for against damage.

Although the self of this creativity is very important and the three first models of this design are not so attractive and all the charm is in the latter model.

against damage

The harmonious and balanced position between the heels, the slope of insole, and the straps over the shoes, the two-piece shape and the shoe’s upper part make the shoe look like a flying bird.

Although there seems to be a slight imbalance in design, it should be remembered that foot with shoes should be beautiful, and when the shoe is worn, the leg is as a pillar so steady that everyone admire it.

against damage

Nanotechnology in the leather industry by the Iranian researchers

Nanotechnology in the leather industry by the Iranian researchers

By the Iranian researchers it was done; with nanotechnology, the high resistance of genuine leather against the flame in the production of natural leather

Iranian researchers at Amir Kabir University of Technology have succeeded in achieving a project to upgrade genuine leather against flame with nano technology in genuine leather production.

Nanotechnology in the leather industry by the Iranian researchers+amir kabir university of technology

The Iranian researchers at Amir Kabir University of Technology, Samaneh Sepehri, who was implementing the “improvement of the natural regeneration of genuine leather against flame by adding clay nanoparticles,” stated:

The leather industry in Iran has a long history, but with the passing of years of presenting the machinery of this industry in the production of leather into the country, there are many problems in the industry.

Referring to some problems in the leather industry, she added:
The industry has not been given enough attention and support, and research in the field of the industry in the country has been very limited and inadequate.

She said that the leather industry is still traditionally managed,

she added:
considering that Iran has a comparative advantage in the leather industry and in the event of scientific and technological growth, Iran’s manufacturing of leather products can contribute to global markets, so research in the field of the industry is inevitable..

According to the Iranian researchers , genuine leather production with more capabilities, such as making genuine leather resistant against flame and accordance with global standards, are considered the priority research topics.

Ms. Samaneh Sepehri, emphasizing that this research has been a step towards improving the knowledge of genuine leather production, added ; since the process and materials of this research have been designed and selected to be similar to the current situation in Iranian leather factories, it can be said that this research has led to the localization of the technology to improve the resistance of genuine leather to the flames.

Also, using nanotechnology and the use of nanomaterial, the length of geniun leather burns reduced due to the resistance of leather to fire.

Referring to the “Improvement of genuine leather resistance to flame by adding clay nanoparticles,” she said; this research began with library and field research to find traditional and modern methods for producing anti-inflammatory leather.

Ms. Samaneh Sepehri continued: then knowledge of leather production in Iran was extracted from the factories and examined in the laboratory.

In the next step, the materials that create the fire resistance feature were added to the leather process. Finally, the effects of materials and processes on different leather properties were investigated and measured.

She stated that the result of this research is directly applicable in the leather industry, and then she added; the leather produced using the results of this research is being applied for in the furniture and automotive industry and aircraft manufacturing and clothing industry, in particular all kinds of work and safety apparel.

She added, Continuation of this project is a semi-industrialization of the product. It is also a continuation of research and study to further improve this feature or other complementary features of leather.

Referring to the characteristics of the results of the plan, she said: the use of natural leather that has unique properties.

Using Nano clay, which is abundant and low in price and has no environmental risks and the use of processes and chemicals that are commonly used in factories are considered the features of this design.

Nanotechnology in the leather industry by the Iranian researchers+amir kabir university of technology

Graduated from Amir Kabir University of Technology said;
possibility of using the proposed method of design in leather factories without the cost of providing new machinery with very little change in the usual processes of the factories, the lack of knowledge or education, the absence of environmental pollution are some of the benefits of this project.

She mentioned; the product of this research can be used in the leather industry.
After mass production and completion of research, it can be used in industries such as automotive, airplane and apparel.

Professor Dr. Mohammad Amani Tehran and Dr. Fatemeh Zeighami have instructed this plan as the supervisor and advisor respectively.

Dr. Fatemeh Zeighami is one of the professors of Tehran University of Leather Applied Science.

Economic situation and currency price for the growth of domestic industry of Iran

Economic situation and currency price for the growth of domestic industry of Iran

The economic situation and the currency price of Iran are already as you see, and nothing is resolved by delay or chiding.

This situation is a very good platform for some of the industries to grow in this situation and the currency price of Iran.

Economic situation and currency price for the growth of domestic industry of Iran

Turkey has sustained its economic by tourism, textiles and clothing industry.

Dear meson owners and all the friends who are fashion designers! A great platform is provided and you can make your own brand names like Zara and Mango.

Good quality, design and reasonable prices (no dependence on the price of the currency) and Iran’s production.

With the price of the currencies, the dollars, AED, lira, importing garments are not economical neither for the consumer nor for the importer and the industries.

my mother said that before the revolution, all Iranians bought Iranian cloths and they never purchase Turkish cloths, why do we see everywhere MADE IN TURKEY nowadays ?

It’s time to stop being absolute consumer and try to think about manufacturing domestic industries…

Domestic manufacturing industries are in danger of collapse due to our indolence. Who believes that the silk used to make Iranian handmade carpets is an import production?

Everyone was buying whatever he wants by cheap dollar, but now the price of dollar is high and no one knows what to do.

We have become a dependent, indolent, inactive, and completely consuming country, we just wait to see what other countries produce, then we purchase their products ostentatiously and sell them with double or triple price to our countrymen, and we are proud to be entrepreneur too.

A country that has no other extraordinary resource just oil, it is an oil dependent, and so if no country buy our oil, how we can survive?

Nowadays everyone is either thinking about leaving the country or nagging and blaming others.

Dalir Leather Industry; obtaining ISO9001 certification

Dalir Leather Industry; obtaining ISO9001 certification

Dalir Leather Industry is proud to be one of the largest manufacturers of leather and leather products in Iran in implementing and obtaining ISO9001 certification as well as obtaining the national standard mark of Iran.

Dalir Leather Industries; obtaining ISO9001 certification

This has been done in line with the commitment of Dalir leather industry managers to continuously improve the quality and meet the requirements of respectable customers and employers as well as attracting and increasing their satisfaction.

The products of this company are manufactured with the highest international standards and are reviewed with the most up-to-date and most recent methods of quality control and quality management in the world.

So that the product that is given to customers and consumers is a perfect product because our belief is that, every Iranian citizen deserves the best and most excellent quality.

We are proud to announce that the most important parameter and concern of the company’s managers is the quality of the products, so that with the efforts of the committed personnel and the use of the most suitable and up-to-date devices and machines.

We can produce high quality products and give to the market so Iranian consumers can use the best leather products.

Dalir Leather Industry Co. is proud that with co-operation with the Noor management consultants (Modirfa) in the area of management and improvement consultancy continuously define and implement organizational improvement projects in order to compete with foreign and international manufacturers by developing technology and up-to-date knowledge and bring Iranian production to the peaks of leather artifact honors in the world.

In this regard, we first started the ISO9001 standard consulting version 2015 and obtaining the ISO9001: 2015 certification, and in the next step we intend to obtain Europe Certification (CE) by the end of the year.

The implementation of the standard quality management system ISO9001: 2015 has been an important chapter in Dalir leather industry organization, and by ISO consulting.

We have been able to go onward in improving product quality, reducing waste, preventing rework and parallelization, increasing work efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction.

We look forward to introduce Dalir leather industry as one of the five recognized global leather brands and by expanding its export markets to anywhere in the world, add the the name of Iranian products to the top of the leather industry.